Teaching (Lehre)

We offer a number of courses in the areas of statistical physics, soft matter theory, and simulation methods. In addition, students at the MSc (master of science) level have the opportunity to carry out computer simulation projects in the group to substitute experiments in the advanced lab course. All group leaders also offer projects for bachelor and master theses. Just contact us and ask for details.

The following lectures are offered on a regular basis:

  • Advanced statistical physics (Theory 6b, 9 CP or 6+5 CP, summer term)
  • Computer simulations in statistical physics (6 CP, winter term)

These two courses build on the bachelor level class "Theorie 4" (statistical physics and thermodynamics) and complement each other. Other frequently offered classes include

  • Modern simulation techniques in condensed matter physics (6 CP, typically summer term)
  • Theory of soft matter (6 CP, typically winter term )

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