If you are interested in doing your bachelor or master thesis with us, please have a look at the research page and contact the corresponding group leader directly to inquire about available projects.


A  PhD position is currently available with the topic

Controlling patterns by geometry in block copolymer thin films: Field theory and simulations

Self-assembling block copolymers provide a powerful framework for producing nanopatterns for a diversity of applications. One frequent problem with the self-assembly approach is lack of long-range order due to pattern undulations and defects. In this project, we explore strategies to control and align patterns by the geometry in which a thin film is embedded. Within a German/Argentinian collaboration, we aim to develop a multiscale approach for simulating the equilibrium and kinetic properties of self-assembling block copolymer thin films deposited onto curved substrates. In this framework, the PhD student will devise and carry out simulations based on the so-called self-consistent field (SCF) theory for self-organizing polymer systems, which has been generalized to non-Euclidean geometries, and dynamic extensions. This approach will be combined with Ginzburg-Landau simulations and coarse-grained molecular simulations, and compared to experiments done in the Argentinian partner group. Special attention will be paid to the coupling between pattern morphologies and local symmetry and geometry.

Potential candidates must have a very good background in mathematics and theoretical physics as well as a strong interest in numerical methods and computer simulations.



There are no directly funded positions available at the moment. For motivated candidates with above average qualifications, external funding for a joint research project is possible through, e.g., the Alexander von Humboldt foundation.