Friederike Schmid: Lecture

Advanced Statistical Mechanics (Theory 6b)

Summer semester 2019

Lecture: Monday 10:00-12:00 and Wednesday 110:00-12:00 in the Newton room


        Friday   10:00 - 12:00,   Seminar Room A   (Maike Jung and Javier Castellano Ruiz)

Exam : oral

Exercise sheets

Talk by Christian Schneider on financial markets
Simulation by Maarten Brems on a polymer in a Brownian ratchet

Literature (Selection):

  • Schwabl: Statistical Physics
  • Landau/Lifshitz: Theoretical Physics, Vol V and IX
  • Chandler: Introduction to Modern Statistical Mechanics
  • Chaikin/Lubensky: Principles of Condensed Matter Physics
  • Plischke/Bergersen: Equilibrium Statistical Physics
  • Goldenfeld: Lectures on Phase Transitions and the Renormalization Group
  • Binney, Dorwick, Fisher, Newman: The Theory of Critical Phenomena
  • Baker: Quantitative theory of critical phenomena
  • Wegner: Supermathematics and its applications in Statistical Physics

  • Kubo, Toda, Hashitsume: Statistical Physics II
  • Zwanzig: Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics
  • Babovsky: The Boltzmann Equation
  • Paul/Baschnagel: Stochastic Processes
  • van Kampen: Stochastic Processes in Physics and Chemistry
  • Risken: The Fokker-Planck Equation
  • Oettinger: Beyond Equilibrium Thermodynamics

  • de Gennes: Scaling Concepts in Polymer Physics

  1. Recapitulation: Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
  2. Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena
    • Introduction
    • The Ising Model
    • The Ginzburg-Landau Theory
    • Critical Phenomena and Scaling Hypothesis
    • The Renormalization Group
  3. Statistical Physics at Nonequilibrium
    • Dynamics Close to Equilibrium, Linear Response
    • The Boltzmann Equation
    • Stochastic Processes
    • Irreversibility, Fluctuation Theorems and Further Topics