Sara Jabbari Farouji / Arash Nikoubashman: Master seminar

A seminar course on Soft Matter and Biological Physics is offered in the summer term 2019.

Time: Tuesday 14:00-16:00
Place: Newton Raum (01-122)

This course is open to master students (as Master Seminar I or II). Bachelor students with knowledge in statistical physics (Theory 4) are also welcome to attend.

Soft matter is an interdisciplinary field, which combines aspects from physics, chemistry and biology. The range of topics where physicists can contribute is broad and steadily growing. Examples include

  • Mechanics and thermodynamics of (bio)polymers
  • Biomaterials (membranes, bones, cartilage)
  • Physics of microswimmers and active particles
  • Microfluidic devices for particle sorting and separation

The purpose of this course is to introduce students into this fascinating field. We will not be able cover all aspects of soft matter, but instead focus on selected topics (see list below). The seminar will provide physical background and present applications in soft matter physics.

Critical reading, analysis and discussion of scientific literature is one of the key aspects of modern science, and therefore we will practice these skills during the first 4 sessions of this seminar course. In particular, we will interactively develop and practice the following work strategies:

  • Summarizing articles
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • Planning and preparing presentations

The scientific part of the seminar is organized as follows:

  • Every student is supposed to give an approximately 30 minutes long talk on the selected topic
  • Please pick your topic before the beginning of the course by sending an e-mail to Sara Jabbari Farouji and Arash Nikoubashman
  • Contact your talk supervisor at least 4 weeks prior to your presentation for material
  • Prepare a first version at least 2 weeks before the presentation
  • Schedule a practice talk with your supervisor for the week before the presentation
  • Upload your presentation to the seafile folder to share it with your colleagues


Literature will be provided by your talk supervisor.

List of topics

Statistical physics of active matterT. Speck04.06.2019
Physics of microswimmersS. Jabbari Farouji
Magnetotactic bacteriaS. Jabbari Farouji
Mechanics of (bio)polymersS. Jabbari Farouji11.06.2019
Physics of membranesF. Schmid28.05.2019
Biomolecular simulationsG. Settanni
Modeling and packaging of biopolymersP. Virnau11.06.2019
DNA origamiA. Nikoubashman25.06.2019
Microfluidics for particle manipulationA. Nikoubashman
Evaporation of colloidal films and dropletsA. Nikoubashman
Liquid-solid interfacesM. Sulpizi